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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Shillong Peak
An ideal picnic spot, it is just 10 kms from the city. Located at an altitude of 1965 m, it offers a dazzling view of the idyllic surroundings.

Ward's Lake
Located in the heart of the city, it is popular for short garden walks and boating. It's said that its construction was initiated by a bored prisoner who was ready to do any kind of work to get out of his cell. He was given the work of digging holes and filling them up again. Once he hit a spring and that spot was developed into a lake and garden. This place was named after Sir William Ward, the Chief Commissioner. It is still quite an attractive place.
Botanical Garden
A secluded but captivating spot with a variety of exotic plants.

Golf Course
Developed in 1889 as a nine hole course, it was later converted to an 18 hole course, in 1924. It is termed as the 'Gleneagle of the East', at the United States Golf Association Library and Museum.

State Museum
Located at the State Central Library complex, it offers a in-depth glimpse of the lifestyle and heritage of the people.

All Saints Church  
This lies opposite to the State Central Library and is an attractive building made of wood and plaster.

Butterfly Museum
 It has the facility for breeding butterflies as an effort at conservation and houses a solid collection of mounted butterflies from India and abroad.

Lady Hydari Park   
This is another popular spot, with its mini-zoo, a children's section and well designed flower beds.
Sohpetbneng Peak  
Lying 20 kms from Shillong, this is another amazing peak.
Thadlaskein lake
This is a popular picnic spot. Legend has it that the lake was dug by the ends of the bows of the members of 290 clans of a rebel general of a Jaintia raja.
Jakrem is a popular health resort with hot-springs of sulphur water, said to have medicinal properties.
The fascinating annual boat race on the Umgot river, during spring, is an attraction



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